Wild Feminine Playshop: Love the Skin You Are In: Reclaim Your Pleasure with Monique Darling (and special guest Peter Petersen)

Sunday NOV 27
10:30 am – 5:00 pm

You are invited to one sensual, connective, juicy day long event.
Are you ready to look into all the stories that have been handed to you from parents, teachers, friends, lovers, society about your body?
The day will be spent in nature, in circle, in vulnerable connection.
This will be a rewiring of old patterns and include many radical transformational shifts to begin releasing what doesn’t serve and reclaiming passion, power, and confidence in the amazing body we were each blessed with.
Are you ready to embark on a life-transforming journey to empower yourself and unleash your potential?
Are you ready to heal the shame, guilt and fear around your sexuality and sensuality?
Are you ready to bring pleasure and more intimate connections into your life? (beginning with the one with yourself)


Enchantment Ceremony

The Gift of Puja:Evening of Adoration with Monique Darling and Peter Petersen

Sunday NOV 27
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

This will be a Sacred Gathering for men and women and all genders who are willing to show up in their greatest vulnerability, willing to see and be seen as they are in this moment, open to the beautiful reflections that they can offer one another. We will get to practice and play in the areas of acceptance, adoration, unconditional love (first of yourself, which then showers on all in your field), and sensuality/embodiment, (Giving yourself full permission of Heaven on earth in THIS moment, in THIS body)

CelebrateCelebrate Your Sensuality through touch, dance and energy Playshop with Peter Petersen and Monique Darling

Monday NOV 28
7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Everywhere you look, you see your inner condition reflected in your outer circumstances and especially in your relationships. Life is a dance of relationships. There is just no avoiding it. And no relationship is more important than the one to yourself.

Monique and Peter will guide you on a set of exercises that will help you to delve deeper internally that opens you to incredible connections we have to all that is.

connectingspiritguidesHow to Connect With Your Spirit Guides (Sessions class) with Monique Darling and Peter Petersen

Tuesday NOV 29
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Spirit guides have been known by many names. For thousands of years, we have been aware that there are powerful beings that freely cross the Universe and are even capable of bearing messages from divinity/Source/our higher self.

Now a days we all seem to have very busy lives, where we have a lot going on in our minds, usually worrying about an unpleasant future or regreting past. Peter has learned several mind calming and thought clearing techniques that can help you get in touch with your intution and higher self that can help you make beneifical decisions in your own unique, everyday life. Though breath, movement, and sound Peter can help you clear your mind to get in touch with these spirit guides and help guide you through challenging and difficult situations.

Monique was blessed at a very early age, to be able to communicate and commune with a world that was invisible to most. She had parents, friends, teachers, church members tell her she was crazy, and to stop playing with her imaginary friends. As she grew up, her friends didn’t go away, they multiplied, they gained intensity, clarity, and shared in words, songs, images, and always the greatest sense of unconditional love and compassion. Now she wants to share all of theses lessons/gifts with YOU!

roughRough Sex For Nice Folk by Reid Mihalko

Wednesday NOV 30
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

If you’re a lover, not a fighter, but you or your lover like it a little rough, let America’s favorite sex geek (and double black belt), Reid Mihalko, show you how you can safely be a bad ass in bed! From wresting to rough sex to advanced ergonomic techniques, join us for this humorous and informative workshop (with live demos!) on how to unleash your inner Bruce Lee of the bedroom.
In this workshop (which is for both males and females!), Reid will cover:

Rough sex for nice guys
The best sex positions, proper body positioning and ergonomics for harder, stronger, longer sex
Why and how wrestling can be a turn-on
Wrestling techniques that are safe, easy and fun
Hair-pulling 101
How to move your partner’s body around the bed with more ease
And much more!

No matter your experience level, orientation, relationship status, this class is going to be educational, fun, and give you some delicious bedroom kung-fu. Sit and watch as Reid demonstrates how easy it is to be a black belt at sex! We’ll even have plenty of room for your questions! Join us! Bring friends! Bring a note book!

NiquestachePujafest and Sexual Energetics with Monique Darling and Reid Mihalko

Thursday DEC 1
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Would you like to expand the range of your ENERGETIC sexual experience?
Turn YOUR life into an orgasmic playground that doesn’t have to look anything like “sex”…
Learn to get in touch with your own energetic field, manipulate it, and turn it into a powerful source of connection and bliss.
Discover how and where to touch another to tune into, access, tease and play with their erotic energy, the energy of two people, or the energy of a entire group!
Tap into the energy of all 7 major chakra’s by yourself, with a partner, or in a group
Discover the differences in “taste” between energetic orgasms from chakra to chakra
Let me show you our tools, tips and tricks for unlocking your stuck sexual energy
AND of course be shown and get to play with Monique’s Infamous creation… the “Heart Fuck!”

Monique has traveled all over the country doing puja’s of every type imaginable and would like to give you a taste of ALL of them!

beyondtheworkshopBeyond The Workshop with Reid Mihalko and Monique Darling

Friday, DEC 2, 6:30 pm – Sunday, DEC 4, 5:00 pm

Are you a “workshop junkie” closely monitoring the various marketing channels searching for your next “fix”. Do you find yourself at the end of the retreat, dreading your return to the real world…dreading having to leave it all behind you?
What if you did not have to?

Let Monique Darling and Reid Mihalko show you how to take the lessons, the growth the expansion Beyond The Workshop into your real world. Integrate the reason you go to workshops in the first place into your everyday life. Think of the delicious anticipation you feel before diving into a weeklong retreat… What if you could have that feeling of excitement and possibility every single morning?

This weekend is all about you learning to create your own perfect container so that you’re not waiting for the next workshop, practicing the self-trust, confidence, and self-leadership needed to become your own perfect facilitator, and to internalize the skills needed to master this workshop called life.