Cuddle Party


I have facilitated 100′s of Cuddle Parties. I am as passionate about the Cuddle Party experience today, as I was at the first one I attended, over seven years ago. YES! It helped me reclaim my voice and I am passionate about helping others do the same. As a matter of fact, I have really learned that cuddle party rules are rules to live your life by, and it’s changed everything for me.

Juan InMotion “I have only known Monique and this wonderful tribe for about 3 months now. In the last few months I have lived more as my true self than ever. It has been difficult, scary and worthwhile getting to know me. I always believe that if I became more outgoing and talkative I would be better liked and happier. Starting to realize that that is not the case, I am fine just the way I am and the right people will like the real me. Someone needs to hold space and listen to all these amazing beings. I still have a long journey but I am glad I have great company to join me. Last night was perfect, still have some trouble letting go and I thank all of you for making me feel safe and taken care of. Met more remarkable people last night, still astonish how great people in the tribe can truly be. Thank You all for taking care of yourselves, I have never heard NO sound so beautiful……..Namaste”

Jillian Reed “what a sweet, fun connected evening! So glad to be in space with you all. Cuddle on!”

Ana Grupke “Monique Darling said it so well when she told us each one of us was meant to be there. I look at all the faces in this picture and smile with memories of my very precious interactions. So grateful for each one of ((((YOU))))!”

Edie Weinstein “My first encounter with Monique was when she was in training as a Cuddle Party facilitator. The way she embraced (no pun intended:) the work was exciting to witness. Since becoming certified, she has facilitated hundreds of them and I have been blessed to have co-facilitated two of them with her. The ways in which she creates a safe container for participants to openly communicate needs and experiment with having them met, is glorious to behold. I have attended a few other workshops and pujas with her and that same blend of integrity, creativity and playfulness makes them memorable and invaluable. Her increasingly vulnerable way of sharing her deepest thoughts and feelings both verbally and in writing offers permission for those who are in her sphere to do the same as they see fit. I l am inspired by Monique each time I am with her. Most recently I have done check in’s with myself in the way that she models and in most cases, unless I am a “Hell YES!” to something, I make a different choice. Blissings on the next steps on your journey.”

Heather Rhea Dawn “What a delightful evening…full of love, touch, boundaries and bliss….my only wish is for it to have been 2 hours longer!!! heheheee…but then knowing how I love to cuddle…of course! Thanks for the brilliant loving evening everyone and to you Monique Darling for facilitating with such heart, love and grace! love your light!”