Dakini Circle

This event was born out of my passion to create a space beyond competition and comparison, for sisters to be able to drop into and find that unique, ultra-powerful place where we find nothing but joy and empathy for one another. In this 4 hour long exploration includes extremely powerful boundary-setting practices, then exercises with other women to help us to bond, practice surrender, and play like children, and finally, guided instruction and Sensual Massage. At the end of the day, you’ll feel like a goddess: empowered in your sexuality, supported by your sisterhood, and ready to manifest all that you dream and all that you are. I love sister energy and when we can admire every part of our bodies and souls, expose them, and gain acceptance from ourselves and the group, it shifts and changes you completely and I believe sends ripples into the world!

Testimonials from some of our goddess sisters.

“Words cannot begin to convey how expansive, grounded, and connected I feel after sharing this healing, accepting, and sensual time with my sisters. I pushed my boundaries gently and with love- which was so easy with Monique’s ability to hold space in a nurturing way that empowered and supported everyone- regardless of where we happened to be on our journey. I feel juicy and jubilant!”

“My heart opened last night. Beyond my expectation. The space of deep truth and vulnerability held by my dear sister Monique Darling, allowed me to feel safe. Safe at a cellular level. As I opened, I could feel the other sisters in the room opening in response. As they opened, I could feel myself open more in response. Exponentially shifting the frequency in the room, til it was a self sustaining bundle of Love and Joy! Beautiful”

“This was probably the single most powerful, rich, deep experience I have shared with other women. Diving deeply in a surprisingly organic, safe space, so well held by Monique. Playful, rich, highly recommended if you are looking for healing, transformation, and meaningful connection”