“The yearning to remember who we really are is the motivation behind every thing else we seek and experience.” – Michael Mirdad

 vulnerableWhat is a session with me all about? I use energy, touch, sound, and communication, to dive into the spaces that most people shy away from. Playing with you on every level; body, mind, heart, and soul. My specialty is trauma support. I’ve experienced significant sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. This allows me to compassionately hold and help you to look at all your tender parts, to be able to reclaim your own birthright of freedom of expression on ALL levels. I will hold you. I love you enough to allow you to fall apart in my arms, to unravel, to become unglued, and to feel unbearably lost as the wisdom of your process unfolds. I offer a space in which you can finally meet the feelings and emotions that have been kept at bay for a lifetime. What if when you were asked, “What’s your guilty pleasure?” You could honestly respond, “I never feel guilty about pleasure”? YOU have ALL the “super” powers you have ever dreamed about!!! We each do! WE are born with them. They just often get covered up by well meaning parents, teachers, and others who have forgotten their own. I am so excited to be waking up to more and more of mine, realizing the only limits are what I tell myself there are. As each of us shine at our full luminance, it gives everyone else more permission to do it as well. Every single one of us IS brilliant, is super, is ONE OF A KIND! Isn’t it time for you to shine, play, gift this world with your full magnificence? Are YOU ready to quit playing small? If so, schedule some time and let’s explode together!!!

From a very early age, I have always known that I was not alone. I have felt the pull of spirit connection since my earliest memories.  At 5 I stepped off of a ledge in a swimming pool and for 5-6 minutes, I was completely submerged.  I looked up and saw a brilliant light in the water above me.  I saw I was surrounded by Angels and other guardian beings, there was no fear, just an overwhelming feeling of peace, love, and connection to everything.  I remember being pulled out of the pool and the people there were frantic, could not believe the miracle they had just witnessed.  I wanted to throw my arms around each one, tell them, tell anyone who would listen, that I loved them, that love was bigger then whatever challenge they were facing.  Ultimately LOVE was the only thing they could take with them when they moved on.