It has been a honor and a privilege to witness Monique unearth her special talents. Her capacity to access energy and her care, compassion and  integrity in how she wields it is inspiring. I would recommend that  anyone who feels drawn to working with Monique dive in with both feet  first!”

Reid Mihalko
My dearest Niqui Darling, I am so grateful for you and how you show up in this world. Your smile and open heart melt everyone who stands in your path, traveling with you, helping people fall in love with themselves is my greatest joy. I'm humbled by your daily commitment to help others see their real self, shedding tears, bursting in laughter, hugging and adoring, opening doors for so many to see that just by truly being who you are, you allow them to see themselves as whole and complete. I'm forever in gratitude for your presence in my life. The definition of vulnerability in my dictionary is: "Monique Darling"

Ran Baron
One thing I have always noticed about Monique is that she never brings our previous experiences into the present. What I mean is that every time I connect with her it is like the first time. I can feel her highly sensitized intuition scanning and probing for who I am in this moment, and that is how she relates to me.

In session work this is an amazing gift to her and the recipient. I experienced this recently in a session that I had with her.

She began with a discussion of boundaries and intentions. Because I know her to be such an amazing intuitive and empath, I elected to have dynamic boundaries, meaning that we would continue to negotiate during the session. As for intention, again I wanted to open myself and receive the most that she had to offer so I trusted spirit to guide us both in the direction that was for the highest good.

To a casual observer the session would have looked like a rather traditional massage (very good I might add) and a meandering conversation among friends. What really happened was that as she moved her hands over my body she discovered and uncovered areas of stuck energy and this guided the conversation. I came to many amazing insights and in particular five significant realizations that continued to open and expand in me. I recommend her highly for anyone. – 

The only thing bigger than Monique's smile is her heart.
She opens it so wide that everyone in the room somehow fits comfortably and safely inside.
Then she teaches from that magical space where all things are possible.

Joy Phoenix
Monique treats co-facilitating as a dance, whether leading, following someone else's lead, or collaborating improv-style side by side. She brings such compassion and sensitivity, reading the room with a sure instinct, while allowing both her exuberant joy and powerful openness to work their magic on those present. If you haven't worked with Monique yet, you're missing out!

Sabrina Morgan
I have had the honor of watching Monique's personal journey, as she has overcome extraordinary barriers to manifest a new life.  As a result, she is a true role model and inspiration to all that are blessed to come into contact with her.  Monique is very humble, authentic, transparent and wise.

Scott Catamas
One of the great things about Monique's workshops is her skill at taking big topic and making them easy to understand, and then following that up with an experience that lets you lock it in. Monique's ability to help you learn through embodied practices means you get new insights and a much better awareness of how things work. Her classes are both deeply transformative and lots of fun!

Charlie Glickman
If I had only two words about monique they would be intelligence and energy. But I don't and that's good, ha!!!
I love about Monique how she is always willing to burn her ego to the ground. That's what makes cofacilitating with her so much fun, she'll grasp any opportunity for her personal growth. she'll just flow back and forth between being a teacher and a learner and make that her strength where most people I watch teach will stick to their teacher mode.
While living on the edge of your comfort zone sounds exhausting to normal folks that's where she chooses to chill because that is where she constantly sheds new layers of ego and encourages all of us to follow.
Being emotionally and physically more and more naked seems to agree with her. She will talk about the pain of being shy and nerdy with the same ease as she teaches the basics of anal sex.
Shine on pretty diamond!!! And keep sharing your light with us.

Iris Thomsen
It's hard to think about Monique without smiling. Her approach to every workshop is the same as her approach to life. Rarely, if ever, have I witnessed one of my respected teachers love so similarly in workshop and in each one on one interaction. Monique does what so many of us are trying to learn on our own healing journeys: each time she feels stuck or some disconnect, she goes inward to learn where she needs healing. Then we all get the reward. She loves us even more. Because of her willingness to keep looking deeper into her psyche, to keep seeing where shame prevents her from coming forward with complete aliveness, we often get a completely unique interpretation of how she is moving healing through the experience. No lingo. No psycho-babble. No plagiarism from another healing master. Just Monique's view, raw and clear.

Derek Hart
Monique has magic hands! I have had many professional massages but rarely do I find someone who can go just deep enough without hurting. Monique reads my energy and intuitively stays right at the perfect level and finds the part that needs the touch. Two thumbs up!

Michael McClure

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