I have facilitated 100′s of Cuddle Parties. I am as passionate about the Cuddle Party experience today, as I was the first one, over five years ago. YES! It helped me reclaim my voice and I am passionate about helping others do the same.

Mare Simone and the Darlings Strange Sex episode

When Mare put out the request for a couple to work with on TLC’s series “Strange Sex”, Nate and I were intrigued.  We are both passionate about sharing how our lives have been changed by sex positive workers, Daka, Dakini’s, hands on healers.  We want everyone to know they have options,  soooo many more than they could ever imagine and let people peer into how our whole family has shifted and grown because we were given the permission and were able to have such great personal, fantastic role modeling of FREE self expression.


Tantra Theater – (A huge thanks to Kamala Devi for this vision and creating this outlet for so many of us to share our stories on stage.)

YEEHAW!! Fear has got nothing on unforgettable moments, the ones that truly take your breath away. Step into the path that scares you the most, you have nothing to lose, except fear and the limits you place on yourself.  Read More.

Unwedding Ceremony

I have a huge vulnerable share that has been waiting to come out for a few days, it has felt so delicate, and I have had my own fears and “stories” around being a failure, or letting the community down, or my biggest…that THIS is NOT the ending I had ever imagined. So let’s start with that last fear first, what if THIS wasn’t an ending but truly the most magnificent “beginning” ever to be gifted to us? SO what is the “THIS?  Read More

Tribal Truth

At a very young age I had my voice taken away both figuratively and literally. I had an abuser cover up my mouth and nose if I made too much noise, and a religion and upbringing that didn’t leave room for questions. Fortunately my value to be heard and my endless curiousity never abated and I was given THIS tool from one of the greatest people I have ever met, Reid Mihalko. He literally spent hours/years holding space for me to find my words, for me to step back into my voice (Often times sitting there kissing my throat saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” as I shakily held this script, desperately trying to find the place where my words would come tumbling out.) This works!!! I teach it at almost every workshop I offer. So go download the script and begin practicing today!  Difficult Conversation Formula